Cool de Sac – Educational Workshops for Children

Cool Workshop Philosophy

Developmentally Appropriate Programs for Children 12 months – 5 years

Make your mommy & me time COOL! Cool de Sac has partnered with child development professionals to create truly unique workshops for you and your little one. Developed for infants through six years old, our 30-45 minute format will engage your child and create wonderful “a-ha!” moments for both of you.

Workshops may be available at select Cool de Sac locations. Call your neighborhood Cool de Sac for more information.

Read on for more detailed information including our Cool Mission, and you’ll see how COOL Mommy & Me workshops can be!

At Cool de Sac, our mission is to support you in offering your child the tools to discover a wonderful world. Our workshops are based on the premise that play is fundamental for the healthy development of children. We strongly understand that in order to learn and grow, children need to be healthy and feel safe, supported, and engaged. Cool de Sac provides enrichment for the whole child, and that also means enrichment for the whole family.



About Us

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